Women Are Strong

I love Mandy Ingber.

Thanks to a recommendation from a friend of mine in New York, I bought the Yogalosophy DVD series. For me, it is the “just right” mix of yoga poses plus strengthening exercises AND I don’t need to trek across town to do it.

Mandy approaches her practice with a great deal of openness, humor but also - RESULTS and let’s face it, we’re all looking for results.

I add in her 35 minutes series as well as some of the shorter segments throughout the week. Also, when I am traveling I load up my iPad with the videos and some of her MP3s (which you can also download from the link above) and pop a travel yoga mat into my luggage. You have to make it impossible to NOT want to work out when at home or away.

Also, I dare you to not laugh with Mandy during the practice.

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